Place of the following Presidents Cup in 2030 – Bellerive Country Club

It was newly declared that the organization has already been picked to entertain the next Presidents Cup. This competition will be held in 2030, but the organizers have already decided on the venue for this competition. It was the Bellerive Country Club. This association has been added to the list of venues where large-scale golf contests are held.
Bellerive Country Club is a well-known place in America because on its territory a variety of golf contests are locked, since the 1965 U.S. Open. It was on this course that Nick Price won his first 1992 PGA Championship. This club became the site of his debut in the world of golf.

The last event organized by Bellerive Country Club was the 2018 PGA Championship. Then Brooks Koepka, who was considered an underdog, was able to get ahead of all the other participants in points and win.
This is a shortlist of the many tournaments and championships organized by this club. It is included in the list of those places that golf companies love to entertain their large-scale events. There are 6 other alike places in the United States where golf matches are handled. This is where many of today’s golf stars have been able to start their careers.

Source: ESPN