New Potential Development Plan for Professional Golf

The Premier Golf League may soon team up with the PGA Tour to build a new league or a new competition. This information is not reliable, but active negotiations are already underway between representatives of the two organizations.

As the head of the Premier Golf League said, they want to team up with other established golf organizations to create something new and compelling. For many people, existing golf competitions are nothing new and emotional. That is why they strive to create a specific tournament that can bring together even more professional golfers from all over the world.

But do not immediately wait for a new league or something radically new. The first thing these organizations want to start is to create a new tournament that will consist of 48 players, 12 teams, and 54 holes. Such a tournament will be a real discovery for many golfers because not only players from the PGL but also players from other organizations will be able to take part in it. This opens up ample opportunities for truly one of the largest events in the world of golf.
Such statements are a real revelation, given that the Premier Golf League has remained in the shadows over the past 7 years and has not taken any decisive steps.

Source: ESPN